Designed for residents by residents

Keeping track

Capricorn automatically keeps an up-to-date interpretation portfolio for your residents for The Milestone Project or other clinical competency requirements. Dedicated resident dashboards and educator dashboards give you the information designed for your role.

Trending changes

Capricorn automatically builds a resident-centered database from your radiology information system, going back years to show you how changes in policy or technology affected your residents' exposure to cases.

Open-source and free

Capricorn is licensed under GNU General Public License. This means it is free for download, use, or even modify as long as you keep the author's credit. (Capricorn is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Open Source Initiative.)

Get Involved

Capricorn works, but it is early in development. Since the radiology system in every program is so dramatically different, get involved so we can help you help us make Capricorn work in your informatic system.


Capricorn is returning to SIIM 2015 for the Open Source Plug Fest.

Capricorn Won Open Source Leadership Award at SIIM 2014 Plug Fest

Thanks to everyone who voted for Capricorn!